Four Spokes of Activities
To guide Gaja Learning social enterprise as it grows, there are four core qualities that can help to achieve our goals from the mission statement. To understand the outside world, we need to learn and develop ourselves.  To teach others life quality skills, we need to expand and promote our network of experts.

Share wisdom

Publications, recruit experts and leaders, building resources to advance Gaja Learning activities.

Create life quality skills

Live English workshops - gardening, agriculture, culinary, arts and crafts

The Earth is alive


Earth is our classroom and inspiresgenius. It is the ultimate media for learning.   Why be in a square box sitting in tight little rows, when life is outside beautifully arranged in diverse patterns.  

Innovative learning models

Authenticity and real life practices can be achieved through shared knowledge in an open environment. Diversity and global exchanges can validate actions that lead to real results.

Personal & Community growth

Growth is a combination of each individual and teams.  Sustainable actions by empowering people with skills to grow and develop them-selves and their local community.