Trip to Kimberton Waldorf School May 2014

May 2, 2014

After an extremely long flight full of stress and some sleep we came to our families and met our new American friends.

Violet is hosting me and Maja Piotrowicz. Violet is an ethelete, plays soccer and does gymnastics (in two teams) and performs in a circus. She is also very funny and positive. Violet has a brother in 5th grade called Max. He doesn’t really talk a lot to us… He plays soccer and that’s all he told us.

The parents hosting us are called Bill and Tracy and the are SO nice !!! Tracy is super cool (no examples cause she’d kill me

smile emoticon

. She runs around and makes jokes about me being lazy and not sporty, but she doesn’t make fun of me, I really like her.

May 3,

In the morning we went to the May Day festival at Kimberton and met the other host families. Later on we drove to an Amish farm. We learnt about a new culture, we saw their school, church and house. We also got to try some of their traditional foods. At the end we went on a fun and bumpy buggy ride pulled by two horses. We spent the evening at Nayali’s house, the girl hosting Maja K and Gabrysia. We all had a great time! I really MET the girls that night, told them some of my secretes and they told me some of theirs’. We talked like we knew each other for years. I know I am going to miss them very much when I leave.


May 4

In the morning we discovered that Aio, Nayali’s cat peed on our bed. We had a nice breakfast with eggs, pancakes and cornflakes. Then we all went to Phoenixville. They took us on the train tracks, near the old steel factory; we took some photos and looked at the beautiful view. Later on we went for coffee and pizza.

We spent the afternoon all together with the kids, friends and teachers at the Reading Phillies game. We got to hold the American Flag in the middle of the stadium and my dream came true, cause they showed us on the big screen. We came home late and just went to bed.



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