Our first publications !

It's a Polish book and if people like it, we will make into English. 

Of course if you have story to tell, and know something about the living Earth, we are open to share knowledge. 

Magda Zielezińska wrote a beautiful book how to eat sweet snacks without the dangers of sugar. Please help us make this book available.

Nature can teach us a lot, and one thing is that if we wait to do it right, then nature can make things uncomfortable.  


We need to raise money to make our first 300 prints. You can pre-order the book now.

It's entirely in Polish, if it works out well and people like the book, then we will translate to English.

To achieve our goal to teach that earth is alive to inspire personal and community growth, Gaja Learning as a social enterprise acts as co-publisher, taking the role of inspiration, advising and editing.   If we make this work, then we will get this book translated to English.