Inspire Me Workshops

The best way to grow and heal oneself is to take really good care of you.  Treat yourself to the very best so that you can grow, find inspiration and meaning.   Let's go beyond the rooms and workshops and aim towards total comfort.  


Want to learn about nutrition, let's do it with really tasty foods and in a beautiful place.   Want to learn about communcating in relationships, let's kayak along gentle crystal clear river. 


Call to action !


We are recruiting experts who believe that the earth can be our classroom to inspire personal and community growth.  

We are looking for agro farms, spas who are blessed with beautiful land and want to share this space to develop a rewarding and inspirational retreat. 


We will design inspring retreats and put into action a social media marketing campaign to connect with people who will benefit.  Themes for youth and adults that Gaja Learning will include :


  • Inner and outer leadership

  • Community building

  • Inspiring an expressive self

  • Healthy living practices