We teach that the Earth is alive, going beyond the classroom with innovative learning models, linking the real and virtual world to inspire growth.

We extend an invitation for shared learning experiences to gain new global awareness in preparation for new leaders.

Beyond the Classroom projects have taken hundreds of children on adventures around the world and have changed peoples lives.

If you're a student

and you know there is more to learn beyond the classroom - we have programs to inspire and prepare you. 

If you're a teacher / trainer

and you have knowledge to share that resonates with our mission statement - we want to include you and promote your talents.  

If you represent a school or educational organization

and want  to engage your students in Beyond the Classroom programs by visiting or hosting students from other schools around the world - we want to hear from you.

If you have land and/or facilities

and can comfortably host a workshop or retreat in a peaceful and harmonious environment - we want to bring you such opportunity and promote you place.

If you are a person seeking more out of life

looking for inspiration and opportunities to learn and grow - we are eager to have you join us.


Gaja Learning teaches that the Earth is alive.      

What's the first natural act to see if someone is alive?  Imagine the waves crashing on to the beach, over and over.  

That is Earth breathing.


Gaja Learning is REBOOTING to